‘Reconnect’ at The Centraal Museum Utrecht.

It was a great experience.

Being asked by the Centraal Museum Utrecht to Design and produce a solo exhibition in the setting of the rich collection of the museum was special. I have always had a strong connection with the museum proposition of championing Dutch design. The Centraal Museum Utrecht holds the largest Rietveld collection and the Rietveld-Schreuder-house and this made it extra special for my work.

While thinking about ideas for the exhibition, immediately my mind went back to 1997; being a student at the Design Academy Eindhoven, together with my father I went to the overview exhibition of Wim T Schippers at the museum. In my eyes all his wonderful creations.

While preparing my show, talking about my works, with support of the collection, I asked Natalie Dubois (Curator) whether the famous ‘Peanut-butterfloor’ of Wim, was part of the collection. I wanted to show my Protopunk works IN the peanut-butter floor.

Unfortunately it wasn’t part of the collection. But it set the mood to create to create an exhibition where I would overload the viewer with my creations and a powerful ambiance.

Because we produced most of the exhibition pieces in my studio, we could do so much more than what is normally possible, we could dream big. I got all the freedom, and wonderful cooperation of the museum and the staff, that the thinking, making and the showing is a wonderful and warm memory.


mixed materials






Roos Pierson

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