Switch – Solar panels

The initial rough ideas finalized in proper designs. The designs are thoroughly evaluated and skilfully adjusted to meet the demands of the final product.

In an attempt to move away from the environmentally damaging impact of fossil fuels and considering the challenges of our time – as a result of climate change and increasing urban population – design can offer answers to a more sustainable future. Based on these premises Kiki and Joost introduced a collection of solar panels.


For the roof tiles they translated the soft, ductile metals of copper and iron in a precious surface that reflects light, giving it a jewel-like appearance. The distinctive panels integrated into the facade are the result of a long design cycle to find the right balance between the texture of the surface and the pattern. The concept was to balance a natural effect, pleasing to the eyes, while still holding transformative properties.


Textured tempered glass solar modules




Mariëlle Leenders


596 x 400 mm
590 x 1190 mm

+/- 120 Wp per m2