Momentum for Sommer Dutch Glass

Sommer Dutch Glass Art is releasing a new glass service in collaboration with Dutch designer Kiki van Eijk. Following age-old traditions, special glasses are hand blown and shaped as an occasional glass for wedding, birth, or friendship. Traditionally government agencies and companies also give occasion glasses or rummers as farewell, election or anniversary gifts. Each glass is mouth blown, cut and engraved. To personalize the glass and to capture the special moment for the future, the engraver can apply a text, logo or coat of arms by hand.

“With the rummer ‘Momentum’ we are celebrating a milestone, which can be looked back on as something special at a later stage. An occasion glass to hand over or receive at a special moment in someone’s life. Inspired by the traditional chalices and rummers, but woven into the present and future by abstraction. A contemporary form that honors the tradition of momentum and the craft of glass blowing.”, says Kiki van Eijk.

“I needed to build something optimistic. My Buoys are joyful totems that metaphorically prevent you from sinking when we come together.”


Mixed media




Rene van der Hulst