Imaginings | Dutch Design by Kiki van Eijk


Step into the wondrous world of Kiki van Eijk. The Dutch designer is known for her fantastical designs: from whimsical clocks to wall hangings for Google and poetic window displays for the French luxury brand Hermès. With set designer Theun Mosk, she has created an exhibition in the TextielMuseum that appeals to multiple senses.

Kiki van Eijk, te zien in expo Gedachtespinsels
Imaginings | Dutch Design by Kiki van Eijk, photo: Floor Knaapen

Van Eijk has been making her mark on Dutch Design for 20 years. To celebrate two decades of her contribution to this internationally acclaimed design aesthetic, the TextielMuseum presents highlights from her oeuvre in a unique way. For the exhibition, Van Eijk collaborates with set and spatial designer Theun Mosk, who is known for his eye-catching designs for theatre productions as well as his independent installations. By incorporating a diorama, a maquette and other playful and interactive elements into the exhibition, the duo invites visitors to discover Van Eijk’s work in a way that appeals to multiple senses.

Kiki van Eijk's Textile Sketch te zien in expo Gedachtespinsels
Kiki van Eijk’s Textile Sketch chair & table

Fantastical design

The exhibition shows the breadth of Van Eijk’s talent: from colourful wall hangings and luxury textile objects to furniture, clocks and lamps. The departure point for all her work is a lively curiosity that sees her experiment with different materials and production methods including glass, ceramics, bronze and textiles. This versatility results in fantastical and quirky designs that cast a fresh light on everyday objects. Her interest in materials and techniques regularly brought her to the TextielMuseum, where craftsmanship, experimentation and the creative process take centre stage. Many of Van Eijk’s textile works were made in the TextielLab, the museum’s specialised workshop.

Kiki van Eijk and Theun Mosk invite visitors to discover the designer’s work in a way that appeals to multiple senses.

Kiki van Eijk's Table-Palette te zien in expo Gedachtespinsels
Kiki van Eijk’s Table-Palette, from the project Total Table Design, photo: Frank Tielemans

From Eindhoven to Coachella

Van Eijk graduated cum laude in 2000 from the renowned Design Academy Eindhoven. Her work has since been featured in museums, galleries and design fairs worldwide, from Milan and Paris to Tokyo and New York. In addition to her own collections, Van Eijk has designed for Studio Edelkoort, MOOOI, Saint-Louis and other prominent clients. It was recently announced that she has been commissioned to develop an art installation for the forthcoming Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in the United States.

Kiki van Eijk's Space Poetry te zien in expo Gedachtespinsels
Object from Kiki van Eijk’s Space Poetry

Tea towels for label ‘by TextielMuseum’

To coincide with the exhibition, the TextielMuseum is launching three exclusive tea towels for its label ‘by TextielMuseum’. Inspired by nature, Van Eijk created three vibrant designs that were produced in the TextielLab. The production process can be seen up close on the looms in the lab. The tea towels will be available following the exhibition opening in the TextielShop and via the web shop.

During the course of the exhibition, the TextielMuseum will also be organising various workshops and masterclasses inspired by Van Eijk’s working method.