No Screw No Glue buffet for Moooi


No Screw No Glue Buffet by Joost van Bleiswijk is a celebration of crafting and timeless design. It evokes a distinct satisfaction when creating something with your own hands. As its name implies, No Screw No Glue is put together without needing screws, glue, or tools.

You slide the elements together to give the buffet shape. No Screw No Glue is made from Richlite. An eco-conscious, durable, and sustainable material made from recycled paper, responsibly harvested trees, and EcoBind resin. No Screw No Glue is high-impact resistant, so you can build to last.

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Additional Information
Dimensions 204 × 36 × 86 cm


Joost Van Bleiswijk